Pain perdu aka french toast…

I had some requests about writing some of my posts in english again… I will do my best as I have A LOT of work with my line and my granma.

Those days I have simple pleasure desires with food. An entrecôte with garlic and parsley butter called “beurre maitre d’hôtel”, homemade fries (frites) or rissoles, crêpes and today I was craving for some pain perdu aka french toasts. Pain perdu means “lost” bred as it is made with stale bread.

The recipe is very simple.

Whisk 2 eggs with a big glass of milk. You can add sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, orange blossom, anything you want. i’ve only add a teaspoon of extract of vanilla and a pinch of salt as my mom and grandmother are diabetic.

Then you put the bread cut in slices into that mixture. Let sit a little bit and then pan fry in a non-sticky pan with butter.




 I’ve put some fruits (pear and orange) and honey, on my toasts to call it a good meal, et voilà !Image

Easy, simple, delicious, perfect for my night. Not too heavy so I can have my ideas clear for some writing.

Much love !

La Nomade


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