I found this “knowing you from a to z” on the “home empress” blog and I loved it !
Age: 29
Bed Size: Queen size
Chore I Hate: Do tidying (?)… So sometimes, we live in a mini chaos…
Dog: I had one once, Eskõbar. Now we have a cat, Caramel, a lovely red one.
Essential Part of My Day: A kiss on my forehead in the morning by my sweetheart, listenning to Couleur 3 (a swiss radio station) cuddle my cat. Tea, a lot.
Favourite Condiment: I have plenty ! But I love curry, cumin, black pepper and pink salt.
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Gold or Silver: Definately gold ! All kind.
Height: 160cms
Instruments I Play: A little guitar and piano. But I sing is that count ?
Job Title: Fashion designer, textile designer
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Kids: None yet
Lives: Very near of Geneva, Switzerland
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Mum’s Name: Anne-Rose aka Tantine (french for auntie)
Nickname: Lova lova, doudou or chouchou (only my fiancé) Tite (my brother only. When we were child he couldn’t say my name Christelle, he said Titelle. Now it’s just Tite 🙂 Voundaï (family and mom. When I was a child I dreamed to marry a japanese man so my mom start to japan-ized my last name… It still makes me smile)
Overnight Hospital Stay: Never
Pet Peeves: I’m a freak… I have A LOT ! But the biggest is people that think you owe them everything and people that pick their nose in public !! Ewwww… So. Gross.
Quote from a Movie: “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn !” Rhett Butler played by the fantastic Clark Gable, Gone in the wind, my favorite movie.
Right or Left Handed: Right
Siblings: My little brother, Christopher, 26
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Time I wake up: It depends on my schedule.
Underwear: I like comfy things, organic cotton.
Vegetables I dislike: brussel sprouts
What Makes Me Run Late: I’m only late in Paris because of all the craziness there…
X-Rays I’ve Done: My all body had X-rays…
Yummiest Food I Make: I love to make desserts.  I do the yummiest fruit tiramisu and pasta.
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Zoo Animals: I don’t like to see animals in cages, I feel bad for them… But I like peacock, zebra, giraffe. Anything with patterns 🙂

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